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Security and privacy are core to our mission.

Myolo takes your security and privacy seriously, and we believe the two are intertwined. The better we are at maintaining your privacy, the better we are at protecting your security, and vice versa.

Logging into your Myolo account is a secure process, similar to logging into your bank account online. All of your credentials are encrypted using the highest encryption standards available: 256-bit encryption. You can delete your account at any time so you always have control over your data (just email us at [email protected], so we can verify who you are and that you have the authority to delete your account).

Myolo uses Amazon's cloud services to store all of your application materials. All data stored in Amazon's cloud is secure by design and by default. Only select employees have access to this cloud storage and the data stored within it, and it is further protected with two-factor authentication. Anytime even authorized employees request data from the cloud, this information is logged in our access records and subsequently reviewed. Furthermore, this data is protected with multiple access control mechanisms and encrypted while in transit and while in storage.

Finally, our website features secures SSL encryption, ensuring that any data you push or pull through our website remains private, secure, and integral.

Keeping your information secure also means treating your data with the privacy it deserves. Unlike many rate shopping websites and marketplaces, we do not transmit or submit your personal information to lenders. And we don't believe in spam calls, mail, or emails.

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